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The Mirambell skirt pattern

by Pauline Alice

Let’s start with the Mirambell skirt.

It’s a retro inspired skirt pattern, with knife pleats and two lengths. The knife pleats are topstitched from the waist to the hips to highlight the body curves, then open to a full hem. With its high waistline, the Mirambell skirt hugs the hips while being really comfortable.


The shaped waistband and pockets bring original details to the skirt design. You can also play with topstitching here, it can be either with matching or contrasting thread and it will showcase the curved shapes nicely.

You’ll find two views for the Mirambell pattern. View A closes with an invisible back zipper and is short (above the knee). As for view B, it buttons on the front and is knee-length.


It’s recommended to choose lightweight fabrics for the Mirambell skirt: cotton, linen, rayon, crepe, chambray… and why not use a gabardine or light wool for a winter version? You’ll also need lining for the pockets (cotton woul be perfect but you can also choose bemberg) and interfacing for the waistband. For view A, you’ll need a 30 cm (12”) invisible zipper and for view B, 8 buttons of approximately 2,5 cm (1”) wide.

Note: for the presentation models, we have used a curry crepe rayon for view A and an off-white linen for view B.


Here’s a very elegant skirt that will be perfect for the summer (and all year round).

You can find the Mirambell skirt in the shop in both printed and PDF version.

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Penelope 29 July, 2018 - 2:02 am

Hello, I just finished making a muslin of view B of the Mirambell skirt in a size 36. I noticed when I was attaching the waistband that went past the edges quite a bit more than 5/8″, maybe as much as 1.5″. I wasn’t sure if I had mis-measured the waistband pattern or somehow messed up in doing the main skirt pieces. It turns out the quirt is about 2″ too small, which means the waistband was the correct size.

Have you used the pattern for size 36 before? I feel like I traced it correctly (I bought the paper version in a store) and did all the pleats accurately, so I don’t know where I could have messed up on such a large scale. That being said, I have never done knife pleats before. I suppose I will need to make another muslin before cutting into my nice fabric I’ve chosen for the skirt. Do you have any advice?

Pauline Alice 30 July, 2018 - 12:35 pm

Hi Penelope,
The skirts we made for the pictures are in size 36 and I don’t remember having issue with the waistband. Could it be that your fabric stretched or that the pleats were a little bit too wide? As there are many marks for the pleats, it could be that you traced ones that were not your size. If I were you, I would repeat the muslin. If you still have issue, feel free to send us an email at info@paulinealicepatterns.com with pictures. Best, Pauline

Penelope 31 July, 2018 - 12:22 am

Definitely possible I made the pleats too wide. I will try again, merci beaucoup!


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