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How amazing it is to be able to dress like that in February! This is one of the many reasons I love Valencia…


I made this dress before Christmas and it has been one of my favourites ever since. I am already sewing another one in blue with short sleeves.

I lve the flirty flounce, the hidden pockets, the button placket… And the pink fabric of course! I mean, I wear so much pink it’s actually hard to believe my favourite colour is blue (I swear it is!).

You might have recognised the fabric, it’s the same one I used for the petal coat. I have tried wearing the two garments together and I have to admit that even if such sweetness is not for the faint of heart, I love the matchiness of the outfit.


Lately, I have been experiencing and learning about patternmaking and my last projects have almost all been self-designed. This one follows the same rule.

It was fun to incorporate all my favourite elements in one dress and make it work as a whole. The pockets were particularly exciting to design.

The overall loose shape allowed me to have a placket opening at the back instead of the regular zipper one, but I don’t even need to open the buttons to pass the dress over my head.



I hope you like it as much as I do and hopefully I will be able to show you the spring version soon.


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self-drafted garden roses dress back

I have been enjoying the beautiful weather of Valencia in my new self-drafted dress last week. It’s perfect for walking on the sunny streets, doing some window shopping, taking late afternoon pictures in the park and going to dinner in the city afterwards.

self-drafted garden roses dress side

self-drafted garden roses dress back self-drafted garden roses dress front

I drafted the pattern myself as I wanted to improved my skills and I felt like making something that I had in my mind for some times now. The skirt is gathered, I just left the central piece flat as I found it more flattering. The bodice has princess seams and three-pieces straps made with self-fabric biais binding. The biais binding “machine” I bought was one of the best investment I have made, and it costed less than 10 €. I wasn’t sure about crossing the straps at the back, but after a try, it seemed the best idea.

The fabric is a very light cotton with red roses. It has a crisp touch, which is very nice to wear but in order to give some opacity, I entirely lined it with light baptiste. That way, it’s still breathable and light for summer but nobody has to see my underwear… (or absence of it as this dress does not allow bra!)

Here is a more close-up picture to see the details: the princess seams, the straps…

self-drafted garden roses dress details


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