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This is such an exciting time for me, a great mix of stress and joy, to announce the opening of the new shop! I’ve been working on a new page for almost one year and I couldn’t be happier to share it with you.

In this new online store, you’ll find all the Pauline Alice patterns in print and PDF, just like before. But there are some big changes as well: fabrics and haberdashery! They go hand-in-hand with the patterns and I’ve been curating a great selection for some time now. You’ll find beautiful and timeless fabrics, most of them in certified natural materials and a nice selection of supplies to make all our patterns.

Now you can get your pattern and all you’ll need to make it in one place! I hope you’ll have a lot of fun choosing your fabrics and supplies and even more later sewing your garments.

Some practical info:

  • If you already have an account, you’ll need to ask for a new password to access it. We don’t store private information so we were able to transfer your account with your address and your downloads but not your password. All your previously ordered patterns are available under “my previous downloads”.
  • Fabric is sold by multiples of 25 cm.
  • Supplies are sold by unit or by meter (cords, elastic and webbing).
  • Just like before, we ship worldwide. I’ve also added a new shiiping method with tracking. You have the possibility to choose shipping with Correos (spanish national mail) without tracking for packages under 2 kg and Seur with tracking.
  • Any questions, feel free to send me an email at info@paulinealicepatterns.com, I’ll be happy to help.
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Sewing Plan 2016

by Pauline Alice
Let’s start 2016 with lots of new projects, shall we? I want to share my sewing plan for the new year, I’m not sure I’ll be able to make everything but I’ll try (lots of jersey so hopefully these will be fast).
Spoiler alert!!! Some new patterns are making their appearance here, you’ll see some sketches of the patterns coming up in Spring 😉

sewing-plan-2016-pattern-1As you can see on the drawing, my color palette is pretty neutral this year. After reading the Wardrobe Architect serie on Coletterie last year, I’m trying (even if not always succeeding) to buy colors and patterns that will make sense in my current wardrobe.
So in 2016, we’ll find: neutrals with grey, black and denim, lighter shades like white/cream/blush/safron and some touch of colors in the pink/purple/wine shades.

For the silhouette, these are my classic everyday favorites: pencil or flare skirts, loose or fit & flare dresses, “not skinny” trousers and some loose tops/sweaters.
Let’s see the patterns I’m planning on using:

1. Loose sweater: I’m going to copy a sweater I bought last year and that I love to wear. The shape is similar to the Hemlock tee by Grainline but with tighter sleeves.
Alameda skirt, another one (I wear mines at least once every week).

2. Camí dress: modified. No darts for a loose fit and buttons from top to bottom. In linen, that’s just perfect for summer.

3. Fraser sweater by Sewaholic (and the Ondée sweater by Deer&Doe for a more fitted style).
Skirt: new pattern!

4. Seda dress: modified. Loose the shoulder yokes and try to make it in knit (Moneta style).

5. Bailén top in silk (in many different colors).
Boyfriend jeans: Popcorn jeans by Blousette Rose.

6. Jacket: new pattern!
Birkin Flares jeans by Baste & Gather. I’ve already made a pair but need to repeat in a larger size (if I want to be able to eat, which is a nice option). I’ve said “no skinny” jeans as I don’t really like to wear them (even if the Ginger by Closet Case Files lloks great). And what can I say, I spent all my junior and high school years with flares and I loved the shape!

I’ve been nice, I already have all the fabric in my stash. Here are the links to the fabrics if they are still available:

  1. Beige french terry / Floral faux leather
  2. White linen
  3. Black jersey / quilted faux leather
  4. Purple tie dye jersey
  5. Blush silk with pelicans (out of stock) / denim
  6. Saffran wool (color not available anymore) / brut denim
What about you? What are you going to sew in 2016?






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I hope you had a nice week end! Let’s start this week with the actual Sew-Along!
Today, it’s going to be easy: cut the fabric for your Carme blouse.
I’ll let you watch this short video to show you all the pattern pieces you need to cut on your beautiful fabric (that you’ll have prewashed and pressed before of course):


See you on Wednesday to stitch the pin tucks!

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I just wanted to share some Malvarosa dresses today.
Isa made it in knits! She used a beautiful grey/blue Ponte Roma knit with a floral border (great placement on the skirt!).

Knits are not in the recommended fabrics list but Ponte Roma is a nice option as it has the stability of a woven fabric. And this is a great fabric for winter, warm and cozy. Just remember to cut 1 size smaller than yours to allow for the stretch.


As for Sonia, she used a beautiful cotton from Telaria. She also made the 3/4 sleeves, well, winter is coming, but didn’t used the facings, prefering to add lining to the dress.
If you want to do that, that’s very easy. Just cut the same pattern pieces in your lining fabric omitting the pockets in the front bodice. How easy was that? There you go, ready for winter…


¡Pero no es invierno en todas las partes! En la tierra de Kirsty, Australia, es el verano el que se está acercando. Ha hecho una versión con una tela Liberty monísima con casitas! Las mangas cortas hacen que el vestido esté perfecto para unas Navidades veraniegas (¡Oh que raro estas palabras juntas!). Un vestido perfecto para las próximas fiestas…

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Let’s begin the Camí dress Sew-Along with the fabric selection.
The pattern specifies that you choose among cotton poplin, cotton sateen, linen, chambray, a cotton-silk blend or even a lightweight wool blend.
When buying your fabric, you should take into account the following points:
  • Are you going to make the short or 3/4 length sleeves? For the short sleeves version, a lighter fabric might be more appropriate for the warm weather and easier to pair with a cardigan later. If you intent to make the 3/4 sleeves, what about a chambray or flanel version to make the transition into the colder months.
  • You also want a fabric with a little of structure for the collar (and cuffs if you are making them). You are going to interface your fabric but imagine making your collar in chiffon… not great. But a cotton voile would be structured enough while still being very light, a nice compromise.
  • The skirt of the Camí dress is designed to be very full. I know that some of you are afraid gathers at the waist will add volume to that area. Using a lightweight fabric with a nice drape is the perfect way to still have volume at the hem but not at the waist. Stay away from stiff quilting cotton!
cami-dress-sew-along-fabric-inspiration-pattern-1I love shopping for fabric! I have to admit that’s the only shopping I’m doing lately as I haven’t bought any clothes for at least 2 years (can’t say I’m saving any money though!). While designing the Camí dress, I came accross a few fabrics I thought would look nice and brought them back home.
You can also look at the dresses made by the pattern testers for fabric inspiration: part 1 and part 2.


cami-dress-sew-along-fabric-inspiration-pattern-2This fabric I actually had before but I think it would look beautiful paired with the Camí dress pattern. It would make a very romantic dress. How about changing the shirt collar for a peter pan collar for a more 1950’s retro look? It’s a cotton poplin with a nice drape, a little bit of stretch and it’s very soft to the touch.


cami-dress-sew-along-fabric-inspiration-pattern-3Gingham of course! There were 3 pattern testers versions made of gingham and they looked amazing. This one has bigger squares and would make such a cute summer dress with the short sleeves (very Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz!). There is a lot of variations possible: how about playing with the grainline for some pattern pieces? Or changing the skirt for a circle skirt?
cami-dress-sew-along-fabric-inspiration-pattern-4With its basic dirndl skirt (2 rectangles gathered at the waist), the Camí dress allows you to play with borders. I found this white cotton-linen blend with blue flowers stripes and a larger stripe border that would look nice at the hem line. As a spring/summer version it would be so pretty and breathable, yet not too prone to wrinkle thanks to the cotton percentage.


cami-dress-sew-along-fabric-inspiration-pattern-5Finally, this is the fabric I am going to use for the Sew-Along. It’s a cotton fabric with little blue, red, yellow and green flowers. I will make the collar and cuffs in contrasting fabric: white cotton sateen. The one I have is a bit on the heavy side but it will do.
Let me know what fabric you are using.
Find the schedule of the Sew-Along here.



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