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The RIOLA skirt is perfect for every season and every occasion. I wanted to design a pattern that might seem basic at first sight (a plain gathered skirt) but hides some pretty cool details (the hidden opening, the pleat, the shaped waistband). Here are 3 different ways to style the skirt and some fabric ideas:



1/ Flannel – Cousette

2/ Red linen – Fabric Godmother

3/ Gingham – Henry Henriette



1/ Viscose Jane Matcha Leaf – Atelier Brunette

2/ Wax – Amagate

3/ Floral cotton – Henry Henriette



1/ Noil – Minerva Fabrics

2/ Plaid – Cousette

3/ Gabardine – Cousette


The RIOLA skirt pattern is available on the shop!


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