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Ninot Jacket Pattern


Ninot is one of the very first Pauline Alice patterns. With the details like the Peter Pan collar and button bands, it’s such a sweet and pretty/preppy Little jacket. With the update, we wanted to offer a new version, this time with a more modern and casual flair. Here are some fabric and style inspiration to celebrate the launch of the updated Ninot jacket pattern! 


1/  Flannel, Cousette

2/ Prince of Wales check, Pretty Mercerie

3/ Houndstooth, Les Tissus du Chien Vert

image sources:  Fashionista / Des petits hautsThe sartorialist


1/ Tweed, Stragier

2/ Boiled wool, Stragier

3/ Wool, Cousette

image sources: nytimes /  The sartorialist High Low Vintage



1/ Textured fleece dress fabric, Atelier de la Création

2/  Faux Fur, Atelier de la Création

3/ Plain sherpa textured fleece,  Minerva Crafts

image sources: Soeur Fashionista Fashionista

– You can find the Ninot jacket pattern in PDF (with A4 print-at-home and A0 copyshop versions) in the shop! –

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A (new) Ninot is back!

Just as the Cami dress, we thought the Ninot jacket pattern could use a little « sprucing up ». We have added the missing sizes (sizes available now go from 34 to 48) and a new version as well. For those who don’t know the pattern, Ninot is a swing jacket with a large pleat in the back. It has a shoulder yoke, welt pockets and long tailored sleeves.

View A is short and entirely lined. The sweet Peter pan collar and the back and sleeves button tabs give it a classic look.

Whereas view B is more modern with its mid-thigh length and round neckline. Perfect for mid-season, it’s not lined but finished with bias binding.

We chose to simplify a little bit this pattern : we replaced the bound buttonholes by machine-made buttonholes (but if you feel like it, you can always add bound buttonholes following the tutorial we wrote a few years ago) and we joined some pieces together (front and back shoulder yokes are now one, as for the front and the facing). As for the instructions, we rewrote them according to these modifications but the jacket basis is still the same so no surprises.

– You can find the Ninot jacket pattern in PDF (with A4 print-at-home and A0 copyshop versions) in the shop! –

You already have the Ninot Jacket pattern and would like to receive the updated version? That’s easy, here are the different options:

  • You bought Ninot in PDF in our new shop: connect to your account and download the Ninot file, it’s already updated.
  • You bought Ninot in PDF in our old shop: send us an email at info@paulinealicepatterns.com with the order number or a copy of the confirmation email if you have it (if not, your name and surname will do). We will send you the PDF pattern by email.
  • You bought a printed copy of Ninot in our shop (new or old): send us by email the order number (or your name and surname). We will send you the PDF pattern by email.
  • You bought a printed copy from one of our stockists or in a fair: send us by email a ticket or if you don’t have it, a picture of your pattern. We will send you the PDF pattern by email.
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