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Remember how we created the bound buttonholes for our Ninot jacket, no? Now we need to make the openings on the facing so that you can pass your buttons through the buttonholes.
1.Interface the front facing and report the buttonholes markings on the wrong side from the front pattern piece, drawing a box the same dimension than for the bound buttonholes.
2.This step, you’ve done it before for the bound buttonhole. With a short stitch length, stitch around the buttonhole box and then cut it open, cutting in V in the corners as close as possible to the stitching line.


3.Open the rectangle and press it flat. You can stitch it down so all the small trianles stay in place.


4.To finish the buttonholes, once the facing is stitched to the main jacket at the end of the construction, you will handstitch the opening to the corresponding bound buttonholes.

That’s it for the bound buttonholes! I hope it was useful and that you’re going to try it to your next jacket/coat project if you haven’t already… On Wednesday, we’ll see the welt pockets, you’ll see that it’s quite similar to the buttonholes.
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