by Pauline Alice

There you go… another year has gone by! So fast I didn’t see it coming! I’ve been busy last year but I can’t say it was work related (baby and work definitely don’t go together). So in order to enter 2019 with the right foot, here are some personal and professional goals:


Find my work routine again, but no pressure. Last year, I can’t say I’ve worked a lot and Lucile had been doing all the heavy lifting alone. I’ve felt guilty over not working as much as before or as much as I would have liked but at the same time, I’m so happy I was able to see Mael growing during his first year. So now that he’s a little bit older, I’m quite happy with our new routine : work during the morning when he’s at kindergarden and spend the evening with him.

Take our time to pause and design new patterns. We are working on a new release calendar and changing to season collections (Spring/summer and Fall/winter). Before, we were releasing patterns without following the seasons very much but with design and printing delays, it was starting to get complicated. So we have been working on our organization to get everything more fluid. We have one pattern at the printer right now (release date is coming soooon!!!) and then we’ll take a break to prepare carefully and peacefully Fall/winter (but don’t worry, we’ll prepare a surprise for Spring).

Organize events to meet you. One of our best time of the year is when we go to Fairs. Not for economic reasons (flying from Spain to France and sending all our stock is not cheap!) but for human reasons. We work on our computers all day so it’s always a treat to meet you in real life. And we love when you tell us that it’s your tenth Aldaia dress, or that as a beginner, you were able to sew Lliria thanks to the video tutorial. And we also love when you tell us that we could add this or that, change a detail or instructions. We hope to see you more this year: let’s organize some workshop in Spain or in France.


Sew for myself. Last year, I sew almost nothing. Apart from the patterns tests, I’ve only made a Mini overall for Mael, 3 Cordoba sets from Ikatee for Mael and his cousins. Nothing for me. Oups, I forgot, I’ve made a dress for myself, a variation of the Lilas dress from my book “Robes”. So this year, no pressure but I want to make a few things. Since being a mum, my style has changed quite a lot. I don’t wear as much dresses as before, I’m more comfortable in trousers and tops (anything that buttons or opens easily as I’m still breastfeeding – 15 months going strong!) I want to try the Make Nine challenge but I’m already changing it to a more realistic Make Six. I’ll let you know all the projects later, but I’m already super excited about that.

Spend time with my family. That’s my priority this year ! Maybe my work will be slower, mails won’t be answered during the week-end and the Instagram account won’t be very active but that’s ok. Let’s spend quality time with our loved ones.

And I would like to add to these lines : I wish you all a very happy new year ! I hope 2019 will bring you joy, health, sewing… and knitting, some crazyness, adventures, laughs, warmth (or cold depending), and above all… lots of love!

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kay 11 January, 2019 - 6:56 pm

Happy New year! And good luck with your goals! Aldaia is my favorite in your collection as well and I’m not surprised someone made a 10th dress out of that pattern! It’s beautiful and quite versatile!


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