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This is the first Brume skirt I’m making, but it sure ain’t the last!
I remember when Eleonore released her jersey collection for Deer & Doe and I loved both patterns, the Brume skirt and the Ondée sweater, so much that I ordered them right away.
But it took me some time to make them… At the time I didn’t have my serger yet and I didn’t really feel like sewing them on my sewing machine. Now that my serger and I are close friends, it feels like every project I make is in knits 😉
The pattern is quite easy to make, you just need to be precise. It took me 1 hour from cutting the fabric to wearing the skirt, this is the fastest I have ever made a garment! I can predict at least a couple more of this pretty skirt…
I want to make the knee length version in black, it looks so elegant and effortlessly chic.The jersey I used is quite heavy, it’s sweater fleece I bought last year in Bennytex, Paris. The good thing is underwear lines are not really an issue, but seams are a little bit bulky. The only problem I have is linked to the fabric: it has the amount of stretch needed but not much recovery and the waistband stretched out after the first wear. I might add an elastic as adviced in the instructions.
This really is a great knit pattern: easy and fast to make, great style and basic enough to wear with everything. Now I need to make the Ondée sweater to complete the look 😉
I’m also wearing my 2nd Il Grande Favorito sweater by Isabel Kramer, knitted last summer and worn so much this winter. Changes made: shorten length on body and sleeves. Wool: Cascade Yarns Eco+ in West Point Blue Heather bought at Lil’Weasel.
I love this pattern, I have 3 versions of this sweater and I’m sure there will be many more!





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Here is my new favourite sweater: Il Grande Favorito! It’s my first sweater but already my favourite!


After learning a little bit about knitting this winter with a loose cardigan, I wanted to make this sweater as a lot of people recommended it for its simplicity and yet nice details (the low back, raglan sleeves and seamless shaped (worked from the top down with circular needles).


I thought it would be too difficult but no, it was just the perfect project for me: easy enough to make it without loosing hair over it and challenging enough so I can learn something new.I wore it all this week end and I love the comfy and oversized look, as well as the nice neutral colour I picked.



The details: wool by Lanas Stop extra merinos, bought in a small shop, and Il Grande Favorito pattern by Isabell Kramer, bought on Ravelry (available in French and German as well, I bought it in French and the translation is great!).


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My first knitted garment ever! I’m so proud I want to make all sorts of knits now…


gilet-leon-my-first-knit-ewing-pattern-1This is the “gilet Léon” by Une Poule à petits pas, an oversize and loose cardigan. This is exactly the kind of garment I wanted: something easy to make but with just the right amount of new techniques (to me) so I can learn and progress.


gilet-leon-my-first-knit-ewing-pattern-2gilet-leon-my-first-knit-ewing-pattern-3I made size S, it’s a little bit too big on me as I had to use two threads of 5 mm wool instead of the 8 mm recommended. As I didn’t have exactly the same test square, it’s wider than it should be. Next time, I’ll be sure to check the wool’s needle size more carefully when buying.
gilet-leon-my-first-knit-ewing-pattern-4But it’s cozy, the colour is really beautiful and the knitting is very nice. I’m already planning my next project: Il Grande Favorito sweater!


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