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First of all, I want to thank you all for the warm welcome you gave to the Port trousers & shorts pattern! I hope to see lots of them stitched up very soon 😉
And because it’s always easier to get inspiration for a project when you’ve seen a few versions made in different fabrics and worn by different people, let’s review some of the testers’ Port trousers.
As you can see, denim has been a favourite amongs the testers. You can play with contrasting topstitching to give your Port trousers a jeans style or keep it casual. Just remember than denim has a tendency to stretch when worn (going down a size might be a good idea. My shorts version is perfect on the first day but a little too big on the following one for example).
If you want a more dressed-up version, you can use gabardine, cotton twill or chambray like these testers. I think the Port trousers are really easy to wear (and sew by the way!) and it’s the kind of garments you can wear from day to night depending on how you accesorize.
Un chas un chasLise TailorSur un fil – my striped version
I hope all these beautiful Port trousers will give you some inspiration. If you want more, check out the Port trousers & shorts board on Pinterest.
Which version do you like best? And what about fabric choice? Let me know how your Port trousers are going to look like…
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Saler jacket, Reina shirt and Safor skirt patterns testers

I thought I would make a break from showing you the patterns in details and show you the patterns testers versions of the Reina shirt, Safor skirt and Saler jacket (the details of the Saler jacket pattern are coming tomorrow).
Most of you like to see as many versions of a pattern before committing to buying it, I totally relate as I do the same. It’s always nice to see different versions of the same pattern as fabrics, colours and styling are very personal choices and maybe the samples I made don’t speak to you as much as one of the testers versions.

It’s always a great pleasure for me to see the garments the testers made. Most of the time, when I send them the pattern to test, they only have the technical drawing or the pattern illustration to guide them (my muslins are made in pretty awful fabrics and the samples for the pictures are not ready as there’s a big chance the pattern is going to be changed after the testers’ feedback). I like to see the fabrics they chose, the vision they have of the pattern before being influenced by others pictures. Their trust is something that really enlights me, I am so thankful for they help and their amazing work as testers. So let’s see what beautiful garments they have made:


Let’s begin with the Reina shirt pattern. There’s been so minor changes on the pattern since the testers gave me their feedback and the most important is that the plunging neckline has been raised about an inch or so as it was…too plunging!

Reina shirt pattern testers1. Sonia
2. Manju
3. Charo
4. Claire
5. Anne


This is the pattern that has most changed since testing. The general feedback was that the asymetrical panels were too deep and that the skirt could be a little bit more fitted around the hips. As you might have seen for the sample pictures, I addressed the issues and the asymetry is now less pronounced.

Safor skirt pattern testers

1. Céline
2. Marie
3. Marie (she made it for her 13 years old daughter, that’s why it’s so long).
4. Isa


Apart from lowering the pockets, this pattern hasn’t changed. As you can see, eventhough it’s a very classic design, fabric choice is going to set it apart.

Saler jacket pattern testers
1. Marie
2. Lise
3. Céline
4. Beth
5. Annie
6. Céline
I hope the testers’ versions have inspired you. I’m looking forward to see your own Reina, Safor and Saler versions!

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Thanks do much for your lovely comments about the new pattern, the Quart coat! I can’t wait to see your versions…
But for today, let’s see the Quart coats of some amazing testers. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome:
quart-coat-testers-version-sewing-pattern-1quart-coat-testers-version-sewing-pattern-2Sandra’s beautiful red Quart looks very festive! This is such a great way to brighten a grey Winter.
Read about it (in French) on her blog.
I absolutely love Manju’s style and her sewing realisations are always so well executed. I am so happy to have her as a tester. Look at that beautiful tweed Quart coat and her bright lining! See more details at SewManju!


Once again, Annie’s pictures are divine, I should definitely ask her to model the patterns for me ;-). Such an amazing classic style and gorgeous coat. Read about her Quart coat (again in French) at her blog.
Have a wonderful end of the week!




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Here is round 2 of the testers versions of the Carme blouse pattern!
Read about the first part here.
Fiona from Diary of a Chain Stitcher chose a white cotton lawn, breezy and with a nice drape, to make her Carme. That will be such a great blouse to wear in spring and summer. It also shows beautifully the pin tucks details.
Like the busy seamstress she is, Sonia from La Pequeña Aprendiz found the time to make 2 Carme: one blouse and one dress variation. This is so lovely! And see how she incorporated the piping around the yoke: genious idea!
I hope these lovely ladies have inspired you!
On Friday, we’ll discuss the Sew-Along schedule.
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