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juliette-shirt-rdc-sewing-pattern-1The Juliette shirt is the second RDC pattern I make and it’s as good as the first! Last month I made the Juliette shirt pattern and only had time to take pictures last week. But I’ve been wearing it quite a lot during the summer.
From the moment I saw the collection preview on Instagram, I knew I was going to order and sew this shirt. I loved the styling (I like to wear it tied up as well) and I was lacking some tops in my wardrobe.
juliette-shirt-rdc-sewing-pattern-2juliette-shirt-rdc-sewing-pattern-3The only change I made was to shorten the shirt as I wanted more of a cropped style. As for the Dominique jumper, I could have gone one size smaller but it’s ok.
The fabric is cotton from my local shop: I really liked the tribal stripes.
I found the pattern easy to make and instructions are detailled. I’m planning on make more…
juliette-shirt-rdc-sewing-pattern-5juliette-shirt-rdc-sewing-pattern-4I’m wearing it with an Alameda skirt in neoprene (I need more Alamedas!).


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I’ve not been idle since the release of the new patterns, the Xerea dress and Sorell trousers. I’m already designing the next patterns and I’ve also taken some time to sew summer graments.

combi-short-dominique-ready-summer-sewing-pattern-1When Géraldine of République du Chiffon released her new summer collection, I fell in love with the Dominique jumper and the Juliette shirt, so I ordered them on the very first day.
I started with the Dominique jumper and made just one change: instead of the long legs, I cut the pattern pieces as a short.
I knew I would wear it more easily if it was short, as we have a very very warm summer here.

combi-short-dominique-ready-summer-sewing-pattern-2combi-short-dominique-ready-summer-sewing-pattern-3It was my first garment from RDC patterns and I chose the size according to the measurements, size 36. I could have used the smaller one as it’s a little bit too big (I have to wear it with a belt and it makes some pleats around the waist, not very nice). So for the next one, I’ll go with size 34 and reduce the bodice length just a tiny bit as I’m way shorter than the height its designed for.

combi-short-dominique-ready-summer-sewing-pattern-4combi-short-dominique-ready-summer-sewing-pattern-5Other than than, I’m happy with my Dominique! The light blue linen I bought is perfect for summer, I managed to hammer the snap-on buttons quite well and I love the short version: I find it playful and elegant at the same time.Very soon I’ll show you the Juliette shirt I made…


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