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Sewing Plan 2016

by Pauline Alice
Let’s start 2016 with lots of new projects, shall we? I want to share my sewing plan for the new year, I’m not sure I’ll be able to make everything but I’ll try (lots of jersey so hopefully these will be fast).
Spoiler alert!!! Some new patterns are making their appearance here, you’ll see some sketches of the patterns coming up in Spring 😉

sewing-plan-2016-pattern-1As you can see on the drawing, my color palette is pretty neutral this year. After reading the Wardrobe Architect serie on Coletterie last year, I’m trying (even if not always succeeding) to buy colors and patterns that will make sense in my current wardrobe.
So in 2016, we’ll find: neutrals with grey, black and denim, lighter shades like white/cream/blush/safron and some touch of colors in the pink/purple/wine shades.

For the silhouette, these are my classic everyday favorites: pencil or flare skirts, loose or fit & flare dresses, “not skinny” trousers and some loose tops/sweaters.
Let’s see the patterns I’m planning on using:

1. Loose sweater: I’m going to copy a sweater I bought last year and that I love to wear. The shape is similar to the Hemlock tee by Grainline but with tighter sleeves.
Alameda skirt, another one (I wear mines at least once every week).

2. Camí dress: modified. No darts for a loose fit and buttons from top to bottom. In linen, that’s just perfect for summer.

3. Fraser sweater by Sewaholic (and the Ondée sweater by Deer&Doe for a more fitted style).
Skirt: new pattern!

4. Seda dress: modified. Loose the shoulder yokes and try to make it in knit (Moneta style).

5. Bailén top in silk (in many different colors).
Boyfriend jeans: Popcorn jeans by Blousette Rose.

6. Jacket: new pattern!
Birkin Flares jeans by Baste & Gather. I’ve already made a pair but need to repeat in a larger size (if I want to be able to eat, which is a nice option). I’ve said “no skinny” jeans as I don’t really like to wear them (even if the Ginger by Closet Case Files lloks great). And what can I say, I spent all my junior and high school years with flares and I loved the shape!

I’ve been nice, I already have all the fabric in my stash. Here are the links to the fabrics if they are still available:

  1. Beige french terry / Floral faux leather
  2. White linen
  3. Black jersey / quilted faux leather
  4. Purple tie dye jersey
  5. Blush silk with pelicans (out of stock) / denim
  6. Saffran wool (color not available anymore) / brut denim
What about you? What are you going to sew in 2016?






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I’m coming back today after such a long absence on the blog with a beautiful dress I made last week. At least, you didn’t wait 2 month for a plain tank top 😉


maxi-flora-dress-sewing-pattern-1Last Saturday, I was attending my cousin’s wedding in France and I needed a dress. I could have reused the pink Cami from last year but as next Saturday I’ll also attend another wedding where the guests already saw the Cami, well… you understand! I HAD to make a new dress for these two weddings.
maxi-flora-dress-sewing-pattern-2maxi-flora-dress-sewing-pattern-3I bought the beautiful Flora dress pattern by By Hand London and I hope I’ll have time to try the faux wrap bodice as well. The PDF is really easy to put together (they didn’t have the printed version available, I was too late to grab it before it went out of stock) and the instructions clear to understand. Sizing is good, the only problem I had was entirely my fault: I was afraid it would be too tight if I were to choose the size 8 as according to my measurements (the finished measurements were very close) so I cut size 10. Of course, it was too big and I had to take the bodice in at side seams, easily done. So next time, I’ll be a good girl and follow the chart!
maxi-flora-dress-sewing-pattern-4As both weddings were/are during the evening, I wanted to make a full-length version. I just lengthened the skirt following the side seams lines. Luckily, I had a beautiful fabric in my stash for some years now and lots of it. Placing the pattern pieces crosswise on the fabric, I was able to draw the skirt pieces adding about 50 cm to the bottom. At the end, I think I needed at least 3 meters of fabric in 150 cm wide (I had 4 m and still have left enough for a small project).
maxi-flora-dress-sewing-pattern-5The shape of the skirt with the pleats is divine, it gives volume and looks really elegant. I chose the low/high hemline, something I don’t usually like, but here I find the difference is very subtile and adds originality and modernity to the dress. As for the bodice, I chose the high square neckline and just took about 5 cm off at the back: the fit is great. I didn’t change anything except for the length.
maxi-flora-dress-sewing-pattern-6I’m sooo looking forward to wear my Flora dress next Saturday!


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I’ve always loved maxi dresses, flowy and romantic skirts. You see, I had more of a bohemian/hippie style when I was in college so sometimes the urge to wear loose dresses comes out.


This summer, during the sales, I found this amazing silk fabric. And I thought it best to make a simple dress to emphasize the lines, tribal pattern and beautiful colours.
I just cut the fabric along the lines (very easy to follow) and gathered 3 tiers. The bottom one is 3 m wide (twice the fabric width), the second one is 2 m wide, the third one 1,5 m (one width). Then I gathered the top one to a small bodice, self-lined as the dress is to worn bra-less. The bodice is also gathered at the neckline and I added an elastic at the back. I made the crossed-straps with a length of fabric folded in two like bias binding.


That’s a very comfortable dress to wear during summer. The silk is so light and soft against the skin and I think it would also look great with heels and without the belt for a party. And don’t let anyone tell you maxi dress are not for short girl: I’m only 1,55 m (5 ft 1) and I love this look!




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I made this skirt about a month ago, before Christmas. It was my “pencil skirts month”, I was obsessed with them and wanted one in every colour. At the end, I made only 2: this one and one in burgundy (my other obsession this winter).


I used the same pattern, a self-drafted one. It’s a typical pencil skirt but I like the double darts, they shape nicely the curves of the body. The only problem is that the dart end is showing because of the fabric. It’s a light wool crepe which shows every stitch. No handstitching for them, I had to bag the lining. Speaking of lining:
Isn’t it cool? I love the contrast between the hot pink and the mustard/gold wool crepe.
This kind of garment is exactly what I need: classic line but very colourful. Perfect for the Wardrobe Architect project!



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