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by Pauline Alice

For the last couple of years, every summer has been filled with weddings and it can become quite difficult not to repeat outfits when you don’t want to buy (or in my case, make!) a new dress for every occasion. But at the same time, I love weddings and the opportunity to dress up and wear something with a little bit of extra glamour for one night.


So this is what I wore at 2 weddings this summer, one in France and one here in Valencia last week-end. I took this picture just before leaving for the reception and I’m so embarrased at the horribly wrinkled skirt (the fabric doesn’t press well to my defence).

On a side note, I wore my multicolor Alameda to 1 wedding and a dark blue jumpsuit to 2 weddings. And I still have 1 to go in November so if you have any idea…feel free because I’m quite at a loss as to what to make! Yes 6 weddings just this year!



I used my Cami dress pattern for the bodice and sleeves. I made the 3/4 sleeves without the cuffs and just rolled the ends. As you can see, I just stitched 3 buttons on the bodice as I wanted the neckline to stay open quite low. I didn’t make any other changes to the original pattern.

For the skirt, I drafted a long half-circle skirt with a little bit of gathers at the waist. It took a lot of fabric but the way it flows and moves when I walk is absolutely perfect. And of course I added the pockets from the Camí dress, so practical!

The back is cut on the fold while the front is in two pieces, that way I extended the button placket til mid-thigh. I have to say I had some “Angelina Jolie’s leg” moments 😉

I also made a sash/belt folding the fabric in two. I debated about a contrasting leather belt but at the end, I liked the look of the fabric one better: I think it elongated my petite frame.


I had a very specific shade of pink in mind for this dress: I call it “capote” pink. “Capote” in spanish is the name of the bullfighting cape, it’s a bright fuscia colour usually with yellow lining. I didn’t go with the yellow lining but I found this twill with peach skin finish in the right shade on sales. The price was really low (I also suspect that it’s because it was a blend) so I grabbed 4m.

I hope you like this variation and that you’ll try it! It’s very easy (you only need a good yardage!) and it makes a dress easy to wear and with impact!

Have a great week! I’ll be in Vicenza for the Abilmente Fair, come say hello if you’re there!




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Threadie 13 October, 2014 - 6:10 am

Ta robe est magnifique !!!

Pauline Alice 13 October, 2014 - 6:58 am


Sylvie - Madame Créative 13 October, 2014 - 6:36 am

Waouh! J'adore!
Dommage que je n'ai pas l'occasion de porter ce genre de robes! Je ne peux pas non plus te conseiller pour la prochaine tenue de mariage…

Pauline Alice 13 October, 2014 - 7:00 am

Merci Sylvie! Je trouverai bien quelquechose… un des prochains patrons en avant première surement!

Zoe May 13 October, 2014 - 6:53 am

This is amazing! And perfect timing for the Spring of 1000 shirtdresses!

Pauline Alice 13 October, 2014 - 7:05 am

I didn't know about the Spring/Fall of 1000 shirtdresses challenge but it does sound so fun! I mean shirtdresses are the best!

Za 13 October, 2014 - 7:04 am

Quelle robe fabuleuse! Ah quand elle tourne et virevolte, tu dois te sentir comme une reine quand tu la portes!

SanPini 13 October, 2014 - 7:39 am

Guapísima!!! Ese rosa te sienta genial.

Bellbird 13 October, 2014 - 8:06 am

Gorgeous!! You look stunning.

Kirsty 13 October, 2014 - 9:35 am

Pauline, this is absolutely stunning!!! The colour, the length. It is effortlessly glamorous!

Thewallinna 13 October, 2014 - 9:39 am

Absolutely fantastic! Lately, I tend to appreciate maxi dresses/skirts much more than before: I find something super sexy in them. Like when you wear a mini skirt, everything is in your face. But when you put on a maxi, it makes one's imagination work 🙂
Tu es super ravissante dans cette robe! Porte-la pour le prochain marriage aussi!

Alicia 13 October, 2014 - 11:05 am

es estupendo y muy elegante lo veo yo 🙂 De hecho el día antes de que lo publicaras en instagram, había estado mirando vestidos de novia y vi uno de pronovias estilo camisero de encaje que me gustó mucho y pensé "esto con el cami dress sale" Me encanta este color rosa capote y como lo has combinado con complementos ¿verdes? Love esos zapatos. Hay algún zapato tuyo que no me guste? jajajaja Besos!

Madalynne 13 October, 2014 - 11:55 am

It looks like you and I both had color on our minds recently. This is a great choice for a wedding and second to the bride, I'm sure you were a hit at the event.

Lizzy 13 October, 2014 - 12:24 pm

Que bonito!! No pense que un vestido camisero pudiera ser tan elegante!!! El color te queda perfecto!! Me encanto tu vestido!

oona balloona 13 October, 2014 - 1:56 pm


thecraftingcactus 13 October, 2014 - 2:45 pm

Love the shape! It's beautiful!

Christine 13 October, 2014 - 4:28 pm

I LOVE THIS!!! So amazing and that perfect mix between 70's maxi glam and modern. So fantastic!

EmSewCrazy 13 October, 2014 - 6:50 pm

You are GORGEOUS! That long skirt makes you look so tall! What a beautiful piece!

Marta 14 October, 2014 - 7:47 am

Has acertado en tu elección Pauline. Me gusta mucho el color y ponga lo que te pongas todo te sienta fenomenal.
Un besito

Sewing Princess 14 October, 2014 - 1:10 pm

Très belle! Les photos sont super et cette idée aussi. Peut être je la verrais en vrai à Vicenza? Bon voyage!

Nat at Made in Home 14 October, 2014 - 2:22 pm

It is absolutely gorgeous – and that colour suits you, a great alteration to the Cami Dress – one that I will consider when Maxi Dresses are back on the cards!

Maggot 15 October, 2014 - 5:34 pm

Gorgeous and soooo sexy !!! 🙂

englishgirlathome.com 19 October, 2014 - 12:15 pm

So glamorous! I love it. x


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