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Burda 109 03/12

Hello everyone,
I have taken some pictures this week-end of the red bouclé outfit I told you about last month (remember, I showed you the jacket).


I am not usually one to follow the fashion trends as I normally have a retro/vintage style (quite the opposite of most of the modern trends, even if sometimes some designers got inspired by the past ( I could write an entire post about my favourite designers, well I guess I will)). But the recent trend of coordinated outfit was very nice and I really like the idea. This was the board I made, remember:


I wanted a short and fitted jacket with 3/4 sleeves, in a very simple shape (no collar, no pocket) to make the beaded trim and the bright colour the most important features. I chose a pattern from Burda, jacket 109 from issue 03/2012, a pattern I already made for my mother as a Christmas present. I changed it quite a bit in order to get it more fitted: took the seams in, increase the curve of the princess seams, fitted the sleeves…
The same happened for the skirt: a clean shape to let the fabric and the trim shine. The pattern is the same one I made for my bow skirt, minus the pockets (and the bow of course!).
I hope your having a nice summer (here in Valencia it’s great, I was frying in the sun with the jacket while taking the pictures…) and I wish you a nice week!


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